Tunantada experience 💥. Jauja, Peru

We know Lima, the actual capital of Peru, the most urban city here, and the one that has been recognized as the best culinary destination in Latin America. But the truth is that it wasn’t always the capital.. Back in 1535 Francisco Pizarro had chosen Jauja as Peru’s official capital, which is a province locatedContinue reading “Tunantada experience 💥. Jauja, Peru”

Pisco starts with P… of Peru

This is a topic that i think that needs to be considered as important due to the confusion it can lead to. This is a distilled liquor that has become internationalized already and at least the most popular bars, as well as bartenders, didn’t think twice in order to launch different recipes. To be honest,Continue reading “Pisco starts with P… of Peru”

Marcahuasi has it all

2016: This trip was made as a part of a class so we can observe the real conditions of the highway as well as the touristic infrastructure, but then it ended up as a big adventure filled up with new experiences. Up next i will tell you everything about it {as well as giving youContinue reading “Marcahuasi has it all”

My happy grey Lima

Lima… The City of the Kings, or most likely known as Grey Lima due to the big amount of pollution that is on the air. As you can see, even if this is a bad point to classify our city, we try to call it with the most beautiful terms we can. Lima has itContinue reading “My happy grey Lima”