We know that you like to travel, right? But, what about making the most of your trip saving time, money and visiting more places?

That’s exactly our goal! We want that you be fully prepared and have every essential tool since the moment you arrive to the Jorge Chavez International Airport and start your journey in the city of Lima.

Guess what this place is! Our beautiful Main Square!

‘Kusikuy’ is a quechua word that means happiness & joy. As simple as it sounds it means that the simple action as touring will fill you up with so many wonderful emotions, making you connect and learn much more with the culture you are in. This is the perfect complement of all studies.

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Peru, such as the gastronomy, the inca trail, the rainbow mountain and some things more, right? Alright, let’s start with Lima, the capital and the first city that welcomes you from abroad… There will be many different tours that will lead you through the Historic Center and its colonial monuments, to Miraflores and its beautiful sea views, or to Barranco and its vintage attractive bars, or maybe a local culinary tour including a local market visit and cooking with an experienced chef. But, how about something quite different? Like, doing a food tasting in traditional huariques along with a history background in-depth or an exquisite Pisco Sour route including an introduction class plus a DIY degustation section!

So this is what it is about, offering Peru (starting with Lima) from another perspective, including more hidden gems and a full innovative experience.

Whether you would like to explore the city by yourself or prefer a local buddy to share with you the best of our city, we have many options that will adapt your desires. Just check out our services section and do not hesitate in contacting me to arrange your stay!



Tourismologist & CEO of Kusikuy Peru.