Explore Lima

Hello! If you’ve been redirected here that’s why you’re interested in doing a tour all by yourself, at your own pace, choosing where to enter, where to eat, where to buy, etc. That’s amazing and we congratulate you cause’ there’s nothing better than your total freedom!! But especially, as Lima is a busy city, especially speaking about the transit, it could seem difficult while getting through, we have chosen the easiest, safest and cheapest ways for you to go from your hotel to the main attractions, plus some other points where you can enjoy something to eat|drink|shop.

Each brochure will have:

  • Information about the attractions you will find whether during your historic or modern Lima route.
  • Transit options.
  • An special map (linked to a qr code) for you to not get lost around the city.

And this is all free! Now, just two more things. First, make sure you fill out the form below in order to belong to Kusikuy’s database and be noticed for our future events in Peru and around the world.



And second, make sure also that you keep in touch with our insta: @kusikuy.peru where we will share more things about the landscapes, foods, facts to educate about our Peru.

Now you’re all set! Make sure you also let us know which kind of tour brochure you’re interested in, and just wait for our confirmation email where we’ll give you your tourist brochure 🙂


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