Fiesta @ the first capital of Peru!

We know Lima, the actual capital of Peru, the most urban city here, and the one that has been recognized as the best culinary destination in Latin America. But the truth is that it wasn’t always the capital..

Back in 1535 Francisco Pizarro had chosen Jauja as Peru’s official capital, which is a province located right in the center of everything. Let’s say, a combination of all three regions. He did this because of the amazing diversity that this place has, especially its natural ressources.

This is the Cathedral at the Main Square. If you can see the sky, this is way less polluted than Grey Lima {curious fact: there are barely cars, there are mostly motor-cars}.

Besides all of that, and to start the year at the best, there is a popular party that lasts around a week {these are the Fiesta Patronal, a party on behalf of a specific saint that involves religious practices as well as typical dances, music and tons of food and drink}.

So, on January 20th, they celebrate the Tunantada which is a typical peruvian dance that is a satirical imitation | reaction from the native people to the spaniards, that’s why the dresses are very elaborated and women wear fine jewerly too, plus the use of masks.

friends ♡

The main date is the 20th, where there’s a competition of different dance groups coming from other provinces, including Lima that do a little crosswalk up in the stage. As there are so many groups, it lasts until 9 pm and right after that, the orchestras get ready to play some of the best hits and all people, no matter if they are new and don’t have the proper dresses, start dancing. And of course, drink a lot of beer !
{Tbh, beer companies are a really productive business in here!}.

This shot is amazing cause’ at our back there’s a burning castle that coincidentally exploded and created a magnificent effect ☺

Then, the following days are followed by music, dances, people showing their best costumes, and a lot of joy.

Besides a lot of that, let’s obviously mention the food, the amazing diversity of different kinds of it. The streets get crowded of both people and various stands selling dishes, desserts, liquors or handcrafts.

“chancho y carnero al palo” typical dish

But definitely, there’s no comparison about the weather, cause’ it’s the best. It’s cold, because Jauja is located at 3,000 meters above the sea, but it has been proven that as the air is really pure, it can heal health conditions such as respiratory problems 👌

This is Laguna de Paca ♡

My final advice would be that this kind of experience is priceless, besides there’s no other better way to get involved into a different culture rather than through their cultural heritage.
That’s why I highly recommend you that if you have a chance to live a trip like this, don’t think twice. As Nike would say, JUST DO IT.