What really is Tourism?

Alright so I just passed my exam in order to get my degree in Tourism Management, and since these recent years I’ve been valuing more my profession, i mean, it’s something that didn’t happened to me even when i was studying, but since I started to open my mind going to the US and facing reality something moved me and now i couldn’t be more engaged with this amazing field.


Tourism is service,
Tourism is connection,
Tourism is time and attention,

Yes, at the end, that’s what it is about. We sell experiences. But even now in this 21st century there are still many people who think that tourismologists (people who are majors in this field) are in charge of traveling… And i don’t blame them, really, because by common sense it should be like that, right? In fact, tourism is an activity that consists of people traveling to a destination and staying for more than a night and less than a year. And if you analyze that interpretation, it must be a beautiful career, isn’t it?

Anyways, i’m not saying that according to reality it’s not, but the people who are majors in tourism have to do the big work, being attentive to the most minimal detail in order to get a happy and real smile from our satisfied customer. It’s a double work because what we sell is not something you can touch and test before purchasing, it’s something that you’ll not see until you pay and live it, so we’re always looking for sponsors or influencers in order to materialize our service.

Plus, we want to add the final touch for your experience, which will be the interaction. We want to be your friends, at least as much as your stay least, we’re interested about how’s your day going so far and just in case something bad happens we might be able to draw a smile in your face with a joke or just a kind word, this because we want that from the moment you start your adventure with us you feel that everything else disappears and you’re going to enjoy as much as you can because life’s about it, and you’re here to make the most wonderful memories.

That’s our job, and we love it. At least, that was my reflection these recent past years and made me fall in love much more with my career, and then with my country too.

And for all of these reasons, I think that no matter how far technology goes and how developed robots can be and replace most of the human work, I’m pretty sure that it won’t replace this job, because if you think about it… There’s a huge difference between being guided and serve by a human being that keeps up the conversation with you along with real emotions, and by a machine that will speed up the process but won’t connect.

So, the biggest lesson I can deduct from tourism, and it’s something that we all need to hear and keep practicing day by day is ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTE, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY INTERACTION, SEE EACH PLACE WITH DIFFERENT EYES IN ORDER TO SENSE THE BEAUTY OF IT. Live your present.

This is why is extremely important to travel often, not necessarily going out of the country cause’ it can be a weekend getaway. The most important thing is that you reconnect with yourself and the world around you.


this is from back in 2016 i guess, when i took a tour guiding class.

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