Traveling with friends is the coolest

Traveling with friends is the best thing ever, because one of the things that all of you have in common will be saving money, for real. It’s all about youth, you want to have a lot of fun, drink, talk until midnight, eat, trekk as long as it doesn’t compromise your wallet.
I can guarantee that it is really true, besides, the best adventures always come from it, i mean, from those moments of “money struggle”. However, i prefer to call it

B A C K P A C K I N G         A D V E N T U R E S

I’m not a multi-friend person but i have this group of people who always know how to have fun together, we just need a free space, something to drink and then the rest is up to us, just with music and talking we make the funniest night ever.


So, we planned to make a close trip together, and we chose Matucana, a nice little town near Lima where one of my friends have her grandma’s house so we would stay one night over there. Here i’ll tell you our crazy little things:


How to get there

Just follow the guidelines for going to Marcahuasi noted on my last post, with the difference that once you get to Parque Echenique, you make sure that the other bus or van you’ll take goes to Matucana Cemetery.

We were lucky so we paid like 8 soles each one and had the full van just for all of us. Now here comes the risky thing: So, there were 2 drivers and they notified us that they didn’t have an actual license to take us! And to make it worst, in the middle of the path a group of policemen stopped us and asked for our ID’s {you know, just to make sure everyone was overage, and a couple of formal issues}… But the funny thing was that they told us: “okay, if anyone asks you guys, you all are my nephews”, LOL.

Good news are that we made it happy and safely.


Now, what to do?

Of course my #1 advice to everyone out there reading this post is that you have always a plan or at least a couple places chosen so you won’t be stuck in the middle of your trip with no ideas of what to do.
Well, all we knew was that we wanted to trek to a waterfall, but as there were a lot then we haven’t decided yet, so in the meantime, we went to a restaurant to eat lunch.

{there are a lot of cheap restaurants located around the little main square, and of course they serve you real TAYPÁ, which stands for a peruvian slang that means a full-plate}

After that, and by the way the restaurant had some pictures of the attractions around there so we decided to go to Antakallo waterfalls, but first, we ate as dessert some little artisanal ice creams… There was one of Pisco flavor, so i chose that, but tbh it was bad. I’m sorry but i won’t recommend that because it had more coconut than pisco, and that’s not the point…

Alright so we just followed all the signs and started to climb, but the path was real long. It might’ve been took us like 4-5 hours, between pictures and some stops to breath some pure air. To be honest, trekking can be so tiring, especially if you love nature but sadly don’t train too much, but it’s not impossible…

The main thing to focus will be the fact that you are in a total different place away from the noisy-polluted city and could enjoy unique landscapes as well as purify your lungs.



And what about the night-life?

Well, after all the trekking of course we ended up exhausted, but as we’re young, wild and free we felt like having too much more energy, so we didn’t wanted to just go home and rest, even thought it was so silent out there.

That’s why before getting on the van back in Lima, we bought some pisco and whiskey, but to not drink it without eat, we made a quick estimate and bought ingredients to make tallarin rojo con atun {=spaguetti with tomato sauce and tuna}, and ended up spending less than in a restaurant!


  • Spaghetti noodles
  • Tuna
  • Bay leaves
  • Salt
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Oil
  • Matches
  • Disposable plates and forks

And yep, it’s just as simple as it is, just put the noodles to boil and then in a casserole make a seasoning with the oil, onions, garlic and tuna {with the tuna oil}, then pour the noddles and mix. Don’t forget to add the salt.

In our case, we didn’t have salt; that’s why we made the pisco sour first so they can eat it all with hunger, LOL.
But another problem was that there was NO ICE! and i was about to not do the drink, but as they were asking for it i did it… And it came good, but strong.

So, yeah, after that we were just in the same room, talking until 4 am and laughing out loud…



Alright so this was what we ate. And you know what? It doesn’t matter how little you have or if any ingredient is missing, just

A C C E P T       A N D      L E T       G O 

And enjoy it, because at the end you’re creating more life memories and enriching your trip with unique anecdotes.


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