My happy grey Lima

Lima… The City of the Kings, or most likely known as Grey Lima due to the big amount of pollution that is on the air. As you can see, even if this is a bad point to classify our city, we try to call it with the most beautiful terms we can.

Lima has it all, not exactly like New York because it actually sleeps, but if some time you would like to eat something quick, from 1 to 3 am you can catch up a sandwich at tía veneno’s {the poison lady} that, even if as not-so-good as it sounds it’s about an old lady who sets up a little cart in popular streets and sells sandwiches, hamburgers, sodas for everyone starving during early mornings… And you win twice, beacause it’s a delicious homemade flavor and it’s also a very cheap price!: from 3 to 10 soles {=less than USD$5!!}..

There’s also a great amount of diversity there, it’s the place where almost all races from all over the country meet together in order to find better life opportunities. That’s why there’s no a specific standard to define the “peruvian person”, because as each region has its own traditions, clothings, beliefs, accents and practices, you always learn something different from them, and there’s no other place that mixes it like Lima.

Lima was the capital of the Viceroyalty, and where Jose de San Martin declared in 1821: “Since this moment Peru will be free and independent due to the general choice of its people and the cause that God defends”. 



It’s also the place where most of the cultures around the world mixed up and came up with unique foods that made our country Latin Culinary Destination of the world.
Thanks to every Italian, Chinese, Japanese, African & Spanish inmigrant, and our milenary civilizations’ traditions that lead our country’s development to a new level.




There’s a bunch of history around the corners of Lima, but sadly most of them aren’t well informed to the visitors, that’s why everyone that comes is always looking to go straight to Cusco or any other region, because “lima is always the same”, but no. I’m here to show you that if you want to eat delicious, drink amazing pisco sours, get into the Republican old times and party like there’s no tomorrow, this is your first door to Peruvian culture.

So, next time you have the chance to travel to Peru, please DO NOT HESITATE IN STAYING IN LIMA AT LEAST 3 DAYS UP TO 1 WEEK. 



Safe travels!!


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