I’m chola.. and i love it.

Many years ago, when people used to ask me “where are you from?”, i just used to say: “oh i’m from the Coast: Lima, i’ve always grown up there”, and never said or at least show interest on where my parents come from. Then, recently {like one year ago since i started traveling a little bit more around Peru} i could visit the places they come from and realized that they are completely different; both with different traditions, food, music… So it was from that moment that i felt extra happy for all diversity i have had into my house all of this time.

Now i couldn’t feel richer and lucky for having all peruvian culture from the three regions in my veins, and everytime i get asked that first question i say “i’m peruvian, i grow up in Lima but my dad is from the highlands {Ancash} and my mom is from the amazon {Lamas}

And here i explain to you a little bit of those regions:

The Amazon

This is the hottest part in Peru, all year the sun brights a lot and that’s why almost everyone always wears thin layers of clothes. Of course there is rain but no matter how strong it gets the weather remains warm {now i get why my mom loves to stay under the rain lol}.
The people there have a lot of charisma and happy all the time, plus they can be really talkative, but especially when there is trust in the air they have always something really funny to tell between every conversation {they got real hilarious jokes}, so everytime i get to meet with my mom’s side of the family there’s laughing everytime…

It has also a lot of vegetation so that’s why it can reduce at least a little bit the hotness. Besides, they have very interesting wild animals that you can even take pictures with {like snakes!}

on december, 2015 i got to meet for the first time this part of Peru, and i absolutely loved it! i’m here in Lamas town, specifically in the “wayku neighboorhood” with a statue of a typical couple. 



The Highlands

I already knew how big my dad’s side of the family was because grandpa had 8 kids and then they got my cousins, nephews, etc. But i didn’t have a clue of how famous we were in this part of my country, especially grandpa… It was really incredible to arrive and by the time we were hanging between the farms people would look at us, talk a little bit and say “oh, so you’re related with Juan Blas! Come and stay for lunch, okay?”, but then we ended up with at least 30 invitations from the other families, for real! and we couldn’t make it to all of them, of course, because they also have the tradition of serving a very full plate of food.
But yes, people all over there is so humble, i mean, even they live in small houses they do have big farms and like to invite people related to them, even far relatives.
Besides that, the landscape is wonderful, very pretty, especially the blue sky and white clouds {no pollution like “grey Lima”}, and at nights you can see a lot of stars.

i went from the first time, in 2011 when i was 15. This is Ancash’ highlands.



I know how to cook dishes from the highlands as well as from the amazon, plus i love their music too… that’s why my preferences are so diverse! However, i notice that those parts of my country are not getting enough promotion, so there’s a great chance for me.



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